Three Partners

Three Careers

One Team

One Mission

Our Mission

For us, racing is much more than a business. It is a passion. 

Our goal is very simple: We want to make you better. If you are a race driver at the early stages of your career, we will make sure that you get to know all that it takes to reach the next level. If you are a race team, we will provide you smart and advanced technologies to improve your on-track performance.

Racing Operations


Our team principal is Erich Baumgärtner, who is one of the most respected figures in racing. He spent more than 30 years in professional motorsports and has won multiple championships in DTM, Formula 3, WSR, Formula Renault and Formula ADAC. His drivers have won more than 70 races, resulting in race wins in every category he has competed in.

Erich worked with 7 Formula 1 drivers, which leads to the two core values of BWR. 




Three partners have decided to bundle decades of individual experience in professional racing by founding BWR Motorsports in 2021. 

Cumulated more than 60 years experience in the top categories of international motorsports are combined with a young, experienced and dedicated team of racing professionals sharing the same goals and values.

The BWR core values are:

BWR knows what it takes to become a Formula 1 driver.

BWR has close connections into the top tiers of motorsports and is able to provide technical solutions helping teams and drivers to improve their performance.




Located right in the center of the German automotive industry and close to iconic Nürburgring and Hockenheimring, we share our factory, built and equipped according to DTM standards, with Team Rosberg,

Here are some exampes of our inventory: 

  • Simulator with motion and 180° screen
  • 7-post-rig
  • Full vehicle simulation
  • Tyre test facility

Technology Division

BWR is developing smart technical solutions for racing teams and manufacturers. This includes the development, assembly and operation of hardware as well as connected or stand-alone software solutions.

Project MOTITE: Portable DMA tire testing on track 

BWR Motorsports GmbH has developed cutting-edge technology which enables crucial tire Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) testing to take place at the racetrack.

The portable tire testing unit - MOTITE - provides the ideal solution for race teams across series such as Formula One and WEC to measure tire grip levels and rank the tires on track. The software allows an immediate grip level output and enables measurement and analysis to be carried out directly on the tire. Its small size and light weight, means it is easy to handle and transport – essential for the demands of a global race series.


Racing/ Drivers: